Net Wright

Riverton, Wyoming, June 27, 2017

Net Wright LLC announces that it's 32 class C blocks known as a /19 CIDR has been sold. All USA opertions have ceased and new business will now be handled by Ndevor Consultancy Services, which is based in General Santos City Philippines.

Riverton, Wyoming, December 7, 2016

Net Wright LLC announces that it has 32 class C blocks known as a /19 CIDR that is available for transfer to another organization within ARIN or to those who operate in RIPE or APNIC teritories.

There is no need for a broker as ARIN has established an online transfer mechanism that is very inexpensive and cuts out the middleman. Price is to be negotiated between the parties.

For those whose needs for IP space can be justified via the RIR, the transfer will go through smoothly and quickly.

For an organization that cannot technically justify such a transfer, and are operating within ARIN space, there is another option that can be discussed on a NDA basis.

This IP space is available as of December 12, 2016. Interested parties can contact Net Wright LLC beginning on December 10, 2016.

Riverton, Wyoming, December 1, 2016

Net Wright LLC announces that it has ended itís U.S. based connection services following more than eighteen years of service. Company President Michael Lieberman has stated that the company will focus on international operations and will utilize its new Philippines based operation at its Asian headquaters operating as Ndevor.